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  • Prague Gathering of Logicians and Beauty of Logic 2018

    25. 1. 2018 - 27. 1. 2018 | Prague Gathering of Logicians is an annual event upheld by the community of logicians in Prague, bringing together researchers with expertise in mathematics, computer science, philosophy, linguistics, and other territories or neighbours of logic. This year, the Gathering is held jointly with Beauty of Logic, organized irregularly in recent past by the Institute of Computer Science in honour of Petr Hájek, its late member and former director who passed away in December 2016.
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  • SOFSEM 2018

    29. 1. 2018 - 2. 2. 2018 | 44th International Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science, Krems an der Donau, Austria. SOFSEM (SOFtware SEMinar) is the annual international winter conference devoted to the theory and practice of computer science. SOFSEM presents the latest results and developments academic and industrial research in leading areas of computer science. The first SOFSEM was organized in 1974.
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